Torre del Cardo is also wine. From the passion of Cosimo for the Bacchus’s nectar, was born a patch of land in which is planted a field with Negroamaro and Malvasia’s vines. In the full respect of traditions, we use the alberello’s farming. With this method we have two different grapes. The wine made with from these grapes is a red full-bodied and alcoholic wine with a velvety taste and a rosè wine with a delicate and harmonic taste. From our processing technique ensue the Tre Briganti line of wines “The White, The Red and the Rosè” and “24”, a superior wine, that You could enjoy with the typical dishes of the Salentina cuisine. Our special dishes are constantly renewed and carefully cook for You, from over ten years, from Nadia.

I Tre Briganti:

Il Rosso 75cl( negroamaro e malvasia ) € 5,50
Il Rosato 75cl( negroamaro ) € 5,50
Il Bianco 75cl( chardonnay ) € 5,50
Vino “24”( negroamaro ) € 8,00
PET 5lt ( rosso ) € 7,50
PET 5lt ( rosato ) € 7,50
PET 5lt ( bianco ) € 7,50

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Vino Torre del Cardo Vino Torre del Cardo Vino Torre del Cardo