A botanic route among the rich and luxuriant autochthonous Mediterranean vegetation has been devised within the cultural offer of Torre del Cardo.

The floral peculiarities of the Salento and Arneo areas, particularly, the mastic tree, the myrtle, the arbutus tree, the thorny broom, the spurge, the honeysuckle of the bushes and the rare and very precious Mediterranean orchids are at everyones range, in a strip of very well kept surviving vegetation.

Along the prepared path we will be able to appreciate the essences in their various natural habitats, such as the Mediterranean forest, the bush, the gariga and the pseudo-steppe in a dynamic and harmonious balance.

Rather than a living herbarium it is a real lesson of vegetal ecology in the open air to live also as a unique aesthetic experience to be enjoyed through all our five senses.

Botanic Route Botanic Route Botanic Route