Oro del brigante is the small treasure the farm company Torre del Cardo makes.

Olive trees are one of the greatest richness in Puglia, and a real nectar, the extra virgin olive oil comes out of them. “Oro del Brigante” comes from the olive trees of the farm and not only is it the result of tradition, but also of particular care to all the working processes from olive harvesting, made only by picking, to cold squeezing.

Cellina from Nardò and Oglialora from Lecce are typical varieties from Low Salento and they are used to create such delicate and sweet-smelling nourishment able to exalt any kind of cooking.

It is very good to season raw food, to emphasize simple cooking such as steamed and grilled dishes, and it is delicious simply tasted on slices of toasted bread.

- Oil bottle Ogliarola 500ml € 9,00
- Oil bottle Cellina 500ml € 9,00
Blend Ogliarola and Cellina:
- Oil bottle 500ml € 9,00
- Tin oil 3lt € 36,00
- Tin oil 5lt € 50,00

The olive oil can be purchased directly in the company or by correspondence.

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